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Patents are often a client’s most valuable asset, but evaluating inventions, reviewing patentability issues, procuring patents, devising global patent protection strategies, negotiating licenses and agreements, and dealing with infringement issues can be complex. At Refined, patent law is a key part of our intellectual property practice. We apply a pragmatic business approach to each client’s patent matters to obtain results consistent with the client’s business needs.

Our patent practice is comprised of several specialized groups: Electrical & Computer Technology, Mechanical & Industrial Processes, Chemical, Automotive, new energy. Each of our specialized patent groups assists clients in evaluating inventions and designs and preparing, filing, and prosecuting patent and design applications in domestic and abroad. Technical assistants and trained patent clerks working under the supervision of our lawyers and patent agents enable us to provide cost-effective management of the firm’s extensive active files.
REFINED services
Prior art search and patentability study;
Patent applications drafting(invention, utility model, design);
 Patent reexamination and response to office action;
Patent infringement litigation, administrative resolution and customs protection;
Patent licensing and technology transfer;
Strategic consulting for building up patent portfolios;
Management of patent portfolios;
Monitoring of official patent gazettes and bulletins;
Miscellaneous patent-related legal services


Trademarks constitute an important and valuable component of the assets of many businesses and companies. Refined firm offers unparalleled experience in all aspects of trademark acquisition, registration and enforcement, which ensure that our clients’ trademarks are managed and protected effectively and efficiently.

REFINED services
Searches and evaluation of search reports on trademarks and trade names (national /international);
Strategic advice on obtaining and maintaining trademarks, trade names and firm names as well as on title protection;
Monitoring of official publications for conflicting marks;
Consulting on Internet law, in particular as regards domain name rights;
Preparation and filing of trademark applications;
Representation of trademark applications in examination and opposition proceedings;
Settlement of trademark conflicts through the negotiation of coexistence and priority agreements;
Prosecution of trademark cancellation proceedings;
Counseling and representation in judicial disputes involving trademark rights;
Conducting of arbitration proceedings in international domain disputes;
Strategic consulting on and management of trademark portfolios


Refined has significant experience in counseling clients in the traditional copyright industries, as well as others that are faced with copyright issues due to the emergence of copyright as a primary form of protection for computer software, and the development of new media such as the internet and online services. 

REFINED services
Copyright aspects in business dealings
Copyrights in computer software and databases
Copyrights in technical drawings and plans

Litigation & Enforcement

The protection of intellectual property (IP) inevitably involves disputes over rights to that property. Refined has extensive experience in litigation and the management and effective resolution of such disputes. Our firm’s Litigation group advises and acts in all types of intellectual property cases, from simple disputes that may only require pragmatic negotiation, to major cases. We act for parties both large and small, from individual inventors and start-ups to international companies

REFINED services
Patent litigation;
Trademark and unfair competition litigation;
Domain name disputes and litigation;
Copyright litigation;
Industrial design litigation;
Confidential information litigation;
Alternative dispute resolution

IP Management & Strategic Counseling

As intellectual property becomes an increasingly integral part of the global marketplace, we seek to assist our clients in recognizing the potential value in their intellectual property, and capitalizing on tools and expertise that may not be identified and protected.

Our firm offers IP Management & Strategic Counseling, as well as Licensing & IP Transactions services that not only bolster the value of your current IP assets, but also help identify and manage a strong IP portfolio that complements business goals, maximizes profits and offers a dynamic advantage in the marketplace.

REFINED Services
IP audits to distinguish all assets
Strategic portfolio development and management
Development of internal IP management practices
In-house seminars to assist in the implementation of these practices
Recognizing competition in the marketplace
Increasing brand exposure with the counsel of our Regulatory, Advertising & Marketing practice group

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