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Shenzhen Refined Intellectual Property Office is a comprehensive intellectual property agency approved by China National Intellectual Property Administration, with domestic and foreign patent, trademark and copyright agency qualifications.

We (REFINED IP) was established in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China in 2012 and set up the Jiangmen branch in March 2017. Our founders are all patent attorneys, trademark attorneys or lawyers who have been practicing in the field of intellectual property for more than 20 years. At present, our office area in Shenzhen and Jiangmen is about 700㎡, and we team have 52 staff.

We continues to improve the quality and capability of our team through various types of training, establish a good internal management and quality control system. And we establish long-term cooperation with counterparts in many countries, so that we can provide professional and efficient domestic and foreign intellectual property services for our clients. REFINED IP handles patent applications in the fields of electronics, computer, communication, software, electric power, machinery, materials, chemistry, biology, etc.

About us

Business Scope

Our services include patent application, trademark registration, copyright registration and related business, IPR infringement handling and other related business, as well as project filing.


● Application Filing

● Examination

● Declaration of Invalidity

● Change/Assignment

● Annual fee Monitoring

● License Recordal


● Registration

● Opposition/Examination

● Revocation/Invalidation

● Change/Assignment

● Renewal

● License Recordal


● Software Registration

● Other works Registration

● Change/Assignment

● File Search

● License Recordal

Legal Services

● Infringement/Circumvention Analysis

● Infringement Investigation & Forensics

● Infringement Litigation

● Administrative Infringement Investigation & Disposition

● Authorization of administrative cases, and other legal affairs.

Other Services

● Foreign-related applications

● Project Declaration

● IPR Labeling

● Integrated Circuit Layout Design Registration

● Intellectual Property Transactions/Operations

● Customs Recordal

Business Data

We have maintained a good momentum of year-on-year growth in staff and patent applications since our establishment, and our patent application and filing data from 2013 to 2021 are shown in the chart below. Among them, the number of new patent applications in 2021 is 3,332, including 152 international PCT applications and 124 overseas applications to Europe, America, Japan and Korea.

About us

Based on the 2013 data, the average annual growth rate of new patent applications will be approximately 20% until 2021. As of February 7, 2022, the number of published/granted Chinese patent applications represented by us is approximately 15,598, with each of the three types of patents accounting for roughly one-third of the total.

The data on the authorization rate of new patent and trademark applications and the success rate of other procedures of our firm are shown in the chart below. The authorization rate may be slightly reduced by the recent tightening of examination; the average authorization time: 34 months for inventions, 8 months for utility models, 8 months for designs and 11 months for trademarks.

New applicationAuthorization ratio
Authorization ratio
in domestic
Utility Models98.82%70%
Note: The national authorization ratio is estimated based on statistical data and other information from the State Intellectual Property Office in China.

In addition to new applications, our firm has also represented a number of patent re-examinations/invalidation, patent infringement analyses, trademark oppositions, revocations, re-examinations, invalidation, and most of the cases have achieved satisfactory results.

Our honors & achievements

  • In February 2014, we were recognized by Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office as one of the first batch of enterprises to meet the standards of "Patent Agency Service Standards".
  • In January 2015, we were awarded "Excellent Agency" by Shenzhen JinYi Technology Co.
  • In May 2016, our firm was recognized by Guangdong Patent Agency Association as "Guangdong Patent Agency Management Standard-compliant Unit".
  • In December 2016, we were recognized as "2015 Shenzhen Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" by Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office.
  • In the "Selected Cases of National Excellent Invention Patent Application Agents (2016)" published in September 2017, a total of 50 excellent invention patent application documents were selected nationwide, of which two were selected by Refined IP.
  • In March 2018, Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office announced the list of Shenzhen IP experts, and three of them, Yi Zhao, Lin Jianliang and Zhang Qiuhong, were selected by Refined IP.
  • Our many partners/agents have authored patent applications that have won national patent gold medals and excellence awards, including as following projects.

In 2014, 16th Patent Award, Gold Award; 200810241509X, Patent Agent, Mr. Yi Zhao.

In 2015, 17th Patent Award, Award of Excellence; 2009101899413, Patent Agent, Mr. Yi Zhao; 2010105291804, Patent Agent, Mr. Yi Zhao.

In 2016, 18th Patent Award, Award of Excellence; 2012101221820, Patent Agent Mr.Yi Zhao and Patent Agent Mr. Gao Rui.

In 2017, Nineteenth Patent Award, Award of Excellence; 201110268395X, Patent Agent, Mr. Lin Jian Liang.

From 2018 to 2022, there are basically 1-2 applications will be selected each year.

  • In 2018, our firm and agents were awarded the special contribution award related to "Guangdong Patent Award".
  • In September 2020, the three our partners were recognized as "Experts in Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Dispute Inspection and Identification in Foshan City, China".
  • In October 2021, our patent agent Mr.Zhang Yue Zong and Ms. Yang Feng Jiao were awarded as "Excellent Patent Attorneys" by Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co.
  • In November 2021, REFINED IP was recognized as a "Standardized Unit of Trademark Agency Service" by Guangdong Trademark Association.
  • Director of China National Patent Attorneys Association.
  • Director of Guangdong Patent Attorneys Association.
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